Thursday, October 23, 2008

....cuz I really dont know

I don't know why I'm doing this right now. I'm in journalism. But I just feel the need to vent. I don't even know what about. But I do. I wish I could have what I want. But then I wouldn't learn patience, would I? No...and I need to learn some. Wow, church was amazing last night. The missionary from Haiti really inspired me. To go. And tell. I want to leave for Guatemala today, and Haiti as soon as I get back. *sigh* I can't wait to leave! But I know God has more to teach me or else I would be leaving now. What would He have me learn? I need to find this out. Life is hard..and that sounds so cleshe, or however in the world you spell that, but it's so true. Oh I want to move away from High School and be in the "real world". Why do people call it that? Does that meant that my life now isn't "real" to adults standards? Seriously, that's not the case. I have real struggles and real pain just like any adult. I just can't do what I want when I want it, since I still live in my parents' house. But in my opinion my life is no less "real" than any adult I know. Why do people say things when they have no idea what they're talking about? These are the things that frustrate me.

Funny how if you had asked me what I was thinking about, I wouldn't have said any of this. But when I just sit down and let my thoughts come out, instead of ignoring them and keeping them within the confinement of my head, I even surprise myself. Yeah. That's me. Who can explain me to me? I most definately can't.


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Kashera*22 said...

Becca, Kashera says You are so correct. I agree completely. I hate it when my grandpa tells me I dont have any reason to be stressed of irritateted because Im only sixteen. Im really glad that Im not the only person who thinks that. Just be Becca, because thats all you know how to be and thats all you need to be. Whatever is supposed to happen to you will happen eventually. SO just continue to be patient. It will eventually happen for you!! I love you. You have become one of the ppl in my life that I know I can go to and spill my guts and be sure that you wont judge me or anything like that. You are awesome. Thanks for any and everything you have ever said and/or done to me to better my life. I love YOU!!!!